The Ultimate Makeup Application Guide

Makeup application is often a subjective process. We all have our methods and techniques that we either learned from others, saw on a Pinterest board or came up with on our own. And while we are all experts on what works for our own faces, there are some general rules of thumb that should be followed when it comes to basic makeup application. The last thing you want is to be running around with blotchy blush, a face full of bronzer or an overdone contour. To help steer you along the right path, we compiled some basic guides (as in, face maps!) on fundamental makeup techniques.

the only makeup application guide


If you’re only using concealer to cover up breakouts or under-eye circles, you are missing out. When used to its full potential, concealer can be a transformative product that enhances highlights your natural features and structure. Maximize your makeup experience by following this guide and get ready to have concealer change your life.



Illuminating products are making quite the splash lately. they are quickly becoming the go to product for looks gracing the runway, red carpet and high-end magazines. The dewy skin trend simply can’t be achieved without it! So whether you’re going for full on strobing or a subtle glow, get your hands on a good highlighter to get the job done.

And while highlighter can be applied in a jiffy to Cupid’s bow, upper cheekbones and brow bone, strobing will give your face a nice natural contour, sans the hassle of using a dozen products



We don’t know what our faces would do without blush. Seriously, it’s the one product that can take us from looking tired and sickly to looking refreshed and healthy. And with spring in full bloom, vibrant, rosy cheeks are essential.

Blush may seem like one of those products that you simply swipe on haphazardly as you rush out the door but let us assure you it is absolutely to go down the wrong rouge path. One wrong flick of the wrist, and you can find yourself in clown territory.



If you don’t know what this term means by now, it’s possible you’ve been living under a rock. The contouring craze has been going strong for a couple years now and is picking up steam with every new tutorial and technique that hits the blogosphere. And, while there’s a time and place for extreme, dramatic contour makeup, we prefer to go the demure route.

For a natural contour that can be implemented in your everyday makeup routine, have a look at youtube for some great tutorials. Oh, and make sure your contour product has a matte finish, no shimmery products allowed.



Sun-kissed skin shouldn’t be reserved for sunny days. You can get the glow of your drearms all year round with the right products and the right technique. Heck, you don’t even need the sun; in fact, harmful UV rays shouldn’t even be an option.

Go for the safe bet with a subtle illuminating bronzer that will warm up your skin and make it look like you just spent a week in St. Thomas.

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