Top 25 Drugstore Mascaras under $15

Did you know that February 19th is National Lash Day! Seems like they have a day for everything now days, but I must agree National Lash Day has to be one of the best.  If you know me, you know that you know that there are two things I never leave the house with; my mascara and deodorant.  Luckily for you in all my years as a Hair stylist and Makeup artists I have tried several styles and types of Mascara and eyeshadow so you don’t have too.  Now in case you didn’t know I have created several other drugstore makeup lists for you and today I just wanted to put together a list of my all time top 25 mascaras.  That way if you ever want to try a new mascara you can come back to this list and pick your favorite.  Make sure you comment below on which one is your favorite!! P.S. –> Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest 😉


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Hi I'm Tricia. Like many women I love to find and try new beauty products, trends, and tips. I work hard at being an Beautician and Cosmetologist to help bring you the latest makeup & hair advice from a PRO ;). The product reviews here will help you make a smarter and more informed decision about what you should and should not purchase. Thanks for stopping bye