How to apply makeup in order

If you were like me you used to use traditional makeup and spent most of your morning getting ready.  It seemed like most of my time was either spent on my makeup, hair, or what to wear.  Thats why I have dedicated each of those topics its own place on my blog.  But today lets focus on how you apply your traditional makeup.

Why I don’t use Traditional makeup anymore

If you have been reading my blog before you know that I no longer use traditional makeup and have switched to airbrush makeup, there is more on that subject over here.  But for now lets focus on traditional makeup and how we apply it!

order to apply makeup

What order to you apply your Makeup?

How we apply makeup and in what order is always a controversial subject.  This person says to do it that way, but another expert recommends that you do it this way, but what really is the right way?  To be honest, the best way is your way.  There is no right or wrong way to put on makeup as long as you look beautiful.  Enough of that already, lets talk about my makeup learning curve.

how to apply makeup

When I first started wearing makeup I would just put whatever product caught my interest and slap it on my face, it worked okay.  But I didn’t have the look I really wanted.  You see that is why I came up with specific order to apply my makeup.  This might seem boring to some, but if you have read this much already, I’m guessing you are ready to find out.  Keep in mind I change the order I apply makeup depending on the look I am going for

START –> Lip balm –> Skincare –> Primer –> Brow powder –> Tinted brow gel –> Concealer around brows/eyeshadow primer –> Eyeshadow –> Eyeliner –> Eyelash Curlers –> Mascara –> Foundation –> Concealer –> Bronzer/Contour –> Blusher –> Highlighter –> Lipstick –> Setting Powder/Spray –> END

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There really isn’t a wrong way to apply makeup, however there are several tricks you can learn to help you get better at applying it and waste less time.  Let’s be honest part of my hope with this post is that we can save you some precious time in the morning so you can get on with your day even faster.  For example, applying eyeshadow before foundation just makes sense as there can be fallout from powder eyeshadow that might mess up your foundation.  Also, remember to apply highlighter after all your cheek makeup products so it gives that pronounced look and blends well over your cheek lines, this was  a huge learning point for me.

As I mentioned before there are no specific guidelines or rules, but nailing down the order you apply your makeup will save you significant time in the morning and get you on with your day even faster.

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