Gold and Black Smokey Eye Tutorials | Best Gold and Black Eye Shadow Looks

‘Tis the season, and all make-up looks shall be geared to fall colors, especially a rich gold, just perfect for Fall/Winter. 

Well it is that time of year again; summer has come and gone, the leaves are changing colors and Christmas songs are starting to be played in your favorite stores. Let’s not forget that Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and as the lattes’ change, it is time to change up your eye makeup. What better look to try than a good black and gold Cleopatra eye make-up look? You can easily create a gold smoky makeup for your eyes with these easy tutorials and videos. We have also inserted some tips when you scroll down, so you will have the optimal success in creating that sultry, glowing eye make-up look.

Without further ado, have a go and scrolling to look at all the different eye make-up looks you can create with gold eyeshadow. Hope you enjoy the scrolling journey and that you get inspired to try out some of these looks for yourself!

Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial | Gold and Black Eye Makeup Tutorial

Gold & Black Halo Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Tip: Many women and men make the mistake not taking care of their eyelids like they would the rest of their skin. The skin on your eyelids is extra-thin and sensitive and you want to make sure you treat it with care. Moisturize the skin on your eyelids and it’s always a good idea to use an eye-cream as eye-creams are designed to treat the fragile skin around your eyes. Given how sensitive the skin on your eyelids is (and the fact that your eyeball beneath that skin is also not happy about too much contact with your fingers), make sure you use a light touch when you apply cream. One great benefit of moisturizing the skin on your eyelids is that eye make-up will go on smoother and last longer.

Gold and Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Tip: Eye primers. They are great and you should use them. Why, you ask? Eye primers allow your eye make-up to go on smoothly and it ensures that your eye make-up will stay in place all day long. It also prevents creasing.  Now, you may think to yourself, I am already using a primer on my skin, so why don’t I make it do double-duty as an eye primer. That is not a great idea. I’ll tell you why. Face prime and eye primer have different formulas and that is specifically done, because the skin of the face and the skin on your eyes are different and need different type of treatments. The skin on your face is more porous than the skin on your eyes. Face primers are formulated with either water or silicone, which helps ensure that the pores in your skin are smoothed out. Your eyelid skin is not really porous and the formula is slightly thicker with the specific purpose of ensuring that your eye make-up will grip onto the primer and last. Not convinced yet? Well, if you are as great an eyeliner fan as I am, you are going to want to start using primer. Putting a primer in place before you apply your eyeliner will help create an even surface to put your eyeliner onto. The best part is, it will also help your eyeliner longer. However, as always, before you start applying primer, clean your eyelids with a gentle cleanser first, then moisturize with a good eye-cream and only then do you apply your primer. The result? Your eye make-up color is going to be more vibrant, it will last longer and your eye will help give you that beautiful glow that every girls and guy is after.

Black & Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial

Tip: Although we are talking about gold and black eye make-up in this article, which goes with most eye colors, I wanted to also give you some advice in picking the right eye shadow for your eye color. Of course, one of the best ways to figure out which eye shadows shades make your eye pop is by experimenting in front of the mirror with a vast range of eye shadows. If that is your plan, just make sure that the room that you are in is well very well lit. However, I figured that maybe you could use a tip or two from me to help you along your eye shadow exploration. You have five basic eye colors; Hazel, Gray, Green, Brown and Blue. If your eyes are Hazel, going for pink hues or maroon colored hues that include gold or bronze can really pick up on the green or gold in hazel colored eyes. For blue eyes, light, neutral tones will give it that natural look. However, if you want to take a walk on the wild side, try eye shadows in the brown hues that have orange undertones. For Grey eyes, good news, you can wear those metal colors, like silver or blue, like nobody else. For our doe-eyed brown-eyed girls and guys, great news! You can wear almost any eye shade and look great. Why not try a green eyeshadow to contrast and complement your eyes. Last, but never least, our green eyed girls. You tend to have a bright eye color, which means you don’t need the pomp and circumstance of bright eye shadow. A nice matte or brown will complement your eyes, perfectly.

Gold and Black Smouldering Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorial



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Red and Black Smokey Eyes Makeup



Natural Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Natural-Smoky-Eyeshadow Tutorial


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Brown and Gold Drugstore Eye Shadow Tutorial



Smokey Eyes with a Bronze Shadow



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Black and Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial



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