Essential Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs to Have

Since my last post on Makeup Brushes was such a hit I figured why not create another one?  This time I wanted to quickly describe what makeup brush is used for what and why.  What better way to do that than to use an infographic.  Rather than create my own I figured I would share a few of them I found on the net.

Do I really need all those Makeup Brushes?

Now keep in mind if you want to skip Makeup brushes all together then you can with the new latest fad, Airbrush makeup.  I have recently switched to using airbrush makeup and did a test run on all of the major brands available right now.  If you are interested in that head over to my Airbrush makeup buying guide.


Best Makeup Brushes to Buy on Amazon

You can buy makeup brushes anywhere, but what is the point of going out and fighting the teenagers at Ulta or Walmart when you can get them from Amazon.  Especially if you have Amazon Prime, you can order them today and have them in as little as one day or two days delivered right to your door.  I even wrote a post on the Best Makeup Brushes to Buy on Amazon for you too.


What is Each Makeup Brush Used for?

Enough jibberish time to move on to the heart of this post.  Are you that type of woman you buys a set of makeup brushes and only uses two, or don’t have any idea what the other brushes are suppose to be used for?  That was me once upon a time believe it or not.  I mean really how do you tell the difference between a blush, bronzer, and foundation brush anyways?

how to use makeup brushes

Let alone all of the tiny brushes, I mean do we really need all of those small brushes any ways.  The answer is yes if you know how to properly use them, we will talk about this another time.  But what this post is about is to help you understand what each brush is and what type of makeup it is intended to be used for.  Hope you enjoy it and comment below with your favorite brush set!!

Essential Makeup Brushes Infographic

Makeup brush types and uses
12 makeup brushes you need

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