7 Simple Makeup Tips to Make your Mornings better

As a mother of little girls, ever minute I can spare in the morning is like an hour saved later in the day.  I spend most of my time getting my kids up and ready before I can even think about getting myself ready :(.  Luckily with I have found a few helpful tips along the way to seriously cut down the time it takes me to get ready in the morning.  Let me know in the comments below if you have any time saving secrets.  One of my best kept secrets is using airbrush makeup to speed up my mornings.

7 Simple Makeup Hacks to save you time in the morning - pinterest

1. Contour your face with a number 3 over your cheeks.

3 on the cheeks

source: estelauder.com


Then, blend from there.

2. Want to blend your eyeshadow better, use a spoon, really.

spoon makeup hack

source: instagram

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3. Simple Guide you can follow to use any three-shade palette to its fullest potential.

eye makeup guide

4. Master your brow shape by not over-plucking them.

brow shaping

source: wellandgood.com


5. Get a perfect Cupid’s bow — and a perfect line of color all around the edges of your lips — by using a lip liner to make an “x” on your upper lip.

x lipstick hack for the perfect cupids bow

source: thebeautydepartment


6. After applying concealer, let it sit on your face for five minutes before blending it in.

concealer arm trick

source: reddit

These two arm swatches show the difference between freshly applied concealer, and the same concealer after it’s sat on skin for five minutes. I know it is hard to believe isn’t it.  This just goes to show you what your concealer will look like after it drys and not only that but it should save you some $$ on wasted concealer.  Typically you will use less makeup if you let it dry for four to five minutes.  Read more about it here.


7. Want to disguise dark circles under your eyes, follow this simple makeup hack –> make sure to apply your under-eye concealer in a triangle shape

under eye concealer makeup hack

source: somakemeupbeforeyougogo.blogspot.com

If you do it this way, you’ll probably only need one layer of concealer. And it will blend into the rest of your makeup super quickly. Don’t forget to let it sit on your face for a few minutes before blending, though!

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