Wholesale Makeup, Which is good, Which is not so good?

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Wholesale Makeup: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Most of us tend to be skeptical when we hear about a blow-out wholesale for makeup. Let’s be honest though, who wouldn’t love a huge haul of MAC or L’Oréal products? Deep down, getting good makeup at a big discount is the dream of every makeup fan, guru and/or fashionista.

I, like most of you, love a big goodie bag full of beautiful colors for my face. So, I did a little research that I would like to share with you. I set myself a task to research what the best wholesale makeup products are, which are just alright, and which you should avoid.

I have ordered my findings from best to worst and you, my captive audience, will get the most of my hours of research. One thing is for sure, when it comes to wholesale makeup, there are good deals, there are bad deals and then there are truly awful deals.

Wholesale Makeup: The Good

Buying wholesale cosmetics means you are buying more cosmetics for less money. What fashionable woman wouldn’t like to get more for less? However, not all wholesale makeup is created equal.

The best wholesale makeup is often sold by the brands themselves. Sometimes, the company will mark-down products and have secret sales to allow customers to get the benefit of getting their beloved brand at a discount. For instance, there are certain brands, like MAC and Estee Lauder, who have secret sales. Often these secret warehouse sales occur four times a year and they are actually held in large warehouses where you can find thousands of high-quality cosmetics at a discount.

Here is the tricky part. Obviously the general public is not getting access to these highly coveted tickets, so how can you get a ticket? Well, most people who get access to these tickets are either companies associated with these cosmetics companies, they are employees of these companies or they are highly valued clients. Sometimes, you can find these tickets being resold on websites like eBay. However, you are taking a risk if you get things off such websites, because fakes are all around. Another problem is that these tickets are not supposed to be resold.

Beware, if you manage to score tickets to these sales, you are facing line-ups. Unfortunately, there are not just line-ups for getting into the warehouse, but lines for certain brands and certain makeup items. Another important piece of information is that the items go very quickly. Basically, you have to grab the make-up you want quickly, because there will be hundreds of women and men trying to get the most popular wholesale makeup being sold. So, you have to be quick.

The way these wholesale makeup warehouse sales typically work is that each item is given a number and if you want a particular item, you have note the number of the items you picked. When you are done notating the items you desire, then you locate the pick-up location and an employee of the company will fetch the items and put them in a basket or shopping bag.

There is typically a spending limit for each customer. The spending limit ensures that all customers leave with some items, otherwise one person could scoop up thousands of dollars’ worth of makeup and some people may not leave with the makeup they desire. However, it is almost guaranteed that if you are able to get a ticket you will come home with bags full of high-quality makeup and you won’t have broken the bank.

So now that we have established that there are some great sales that you could access, let’s talk about the discounts. How much are these brands willing to discount on their wholesale makeup items? You will probably be surprised to know that discounts can be anywhere between 30 per cent to 70 per cent. You heard right. These brands are willing to offer large discounts in order to allow customers to take advantage of the thousands of items that are usually available at a wholesale makeup sale.

The bottom line is these warehouse wholesale makeup sales are worth it, because they allow you to get the makeup you want at greatly discounted prices. However, again, you will not be able to enter these sales without obtaining a ticket and that may be no small feat.

So, what happens if you are unable to secure a ticket to a wholesale makeup warehouse sale? Well, if you want lots of makeup at good prices, you can also buy large makeup sets that includes a lot of makeup. For instance, the brand Kat Von D sells the Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection for about $70.00. However, in that set you will get a full sized mascara, one of Kate Von D’s hottest sales items, the Tattoo Liner and two eyeshadow palettes. That’s plenty of value for your money.

There are plenty of makeup sets that are sold by many companies, including brands that don’t put their makeup on sale. Often during the Christmas season you will be able to find many makeup sets from your favorite makeup brand. For instance, during the 2017 holiday season, Estee Lauder sold a massive holiday make-up gift set that included 12 full sized products and included a makeup case. You would expect that you would pay a few hundred dollars for such a large set, but Estee Lauder sold this set for only $171. If you do the math, that is about $14.25 per item, which is a very good price for an Estee Lauder product.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for high-quality makeup at wholesale prices, there are a lot of choices out there. You don’t have to look for a warehouse wholesale makeup sale. You can look the websites of the brands and see what’s available to buy in bulk.

Wholesale Makeup: The Bad

Well, where there is good news, that there are amazing warehouse sales which will sell you high-end make-up there are also not so great news. The first piece of not-so-great news is that certain brands will not make their make-up available at wholesale makeup prices. If you do see them advertised on the web, you should definitely be suspicious. Some brands simply will not do it and that’s alright, because there are plenty of brands that will.

Another piece of not-so-great news is that there are a lot of fake “warehouse makeup sales” out there. That leads to another question, how can you tell whether a product is fake or not? Well, some brands are very conscious about fake products and will let you know how to avoid them. For example, MAC Cosmetics dedicated an entire page on how to spot counterfeit MAC products.

The gist of the MAC Cosmetics article is that MAC Cosmetics will not sell its products wholesale on the Internet, MAC will not allow individual salespeople to sell their products, and neither will they allow street vendors or unauthorized retailers to sell their products.

Most high-end brands will follow MAC Cosmetics procedure of not allowing street vendors, individuals or unauthorized retailers to sell their products. So, if you see a street vendor sell high-end cosmetics, it’s probably a safe bet that the cosmetics he or she are selling are not authentic.

Wholesale Makeup: The Ugly

If you hit the wrong sale, typically on the internet, not only could you get a fake product, but you could score tons of old, outdated makeup.

So let’s ask the big question here, how can you be sure that the makeup that you are purchasing is not fake?

Unfortunately, a whole industry has sprung up around fake wholesale makeup. Even though you may think you could easily spot a fake, these knock-offs can sometimes be deceptively similar to the actual product, and you could unknowingly purchase a fake product.

So how can you tell a fake from the real thing?

Here are just a few ways to spot a fake wholesale makeup product:

  • Buying wholesale makeup from an unknown online store

Sometimes third-party sites have permission from the brand to sell some of their makeup products on their website. However, sometimes these third-party sites are not well known and it’s uncertain who the people are behind the sites. My advice is to avoid retail websites that you don’t know.

So, going to the retail website stores you trust is often the best way to obtain the wholesale makeup brands you know and love.

A word of caution though: there are cases in which these retail online stores have been hacked. However, there are definite ways to tell if your favorite online retailer has been hijacked by fraudsters. For instance, the websites could have different fonts on the same page or on different pages. Another tell is that you may have major issues logging in. In cases in which you are having problems logging in, it’s often a good idea to give the retailer a quick call and ask if they are having issues with their website. If the page on which you land keeps refreshing, that is often a sign that something is very wrong.

  • Buying wholesale makeup up from an online classified advertising service

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you cannot find decent products on such sites, but what I am saying is that you cannot be sure from whom you are buying. Not only could you potentially put yourself in danger by buying from an unknown user, but you cannot know if the products you are purchasing are authentic. For example, eBay is a popular website for buying and selling things, but there are also cases in which the beautiful high-end makeup products you want is not what you’re going to get. Individuals selling fake makeup products are very good in finding the best image of the product but you will likely not get the authentic product like it. The problem with falling for a fake product is not only will you be disappointed that you paid money for a fake, but you don’t know what kind of substandard product you have bought and what kind of chemicals they put in the products. When it comes to makeup, the best way to ensure that you don’t fall for substandard, fake products is to stay away from sites like Kijiji, Craigslist or eBay.

  • Packaging that is different from the original product

Although some knockoffs look deceptively similar to the original product, some packaging will actually look very similar. Of course, this difference is easier to spot when you’re buying from a retailer, street vendor or individual than online. Obviously, if you can inspect the product in-person you will notice the differences between the original packaging and the fake packaging.

The first step, to save yourself from being fooled by a cheap knockoff, is to know what the packaging of the makeup that you intend to buy. High-end brands are very good about showing off their products and even their packaging on their websites. If you visit the Chanel makeup site, you will see that their eyeshadows, foundations and lipsticks are gorgeously displayed. If the site does not show you the packaging, it’s still quite easy to find. There are plenty of websites that review high-end products and they will often show you the packaging. The perks of finding such websites is that you’ll also get a review of the product, which can help you make up your mind of whether this is the right product for you. If you cannot find the product on the review website, there are plenty of reviewers on YouTube, who are often more than happy to unwrap the makeup in front of the camera, which will give you an excellent view of the packaging. It will also allow you to get familiar with the product.

Another tell-tale sign that you are buying a fake wholesale makeup product is that the packaging is shabby. High-end brands are proud of their packaging, because they spend a lot of time researching what type of packaging would best fit their brand and they spend a lot of resources in developing the best packaging around their product. For instance, Chanel is famous for their beautiful and classy minimalist black packaging with gold accents and white writing. Chanel will likely never waver from this packaging model, which is why it can be easy to tell if a suspicious retailer is selling a Chanel makeup knockoff. Anyone who has ever bought a Chanel makeup product knows its luxurious packaging and would likely not fall for a knock-off. So if you see a product for which the box in which the product is contained is damaged, or of poor quality, or if you see on the product itself that the product smells funny or that the mirror within the compact is badly glued together, it’s likely a good sign that this is a knockoff product.

The bottom line is this, if you are going to buy high-end makeup at a discounted price from an unknown online or physical retail vendor, know the product and the product packaging really well. If it’s a back knockoff, the color of the packaging will be off, as will the weight likely. If you have any hesitations at all about the product you are about to buy, it may be better not to buy it than risk buying a fake product.  

  • Make sure to check for the product code and other important information on the packaging for wholesale makeup

Almost all high-end cosmetics will have a product code by which they are identified. This product code is usually some type of batch number but this can be easy to fake for counterfeit products. However, if the code is hard to read, because it’s illegible, faded or discolored then you’re likely dealing with a knockoff product. So another piece of information that should help you determine whether the product you want to buy is authentic or not is to check whether the product contains a location in which it was manufactured as well as date on which it was manufactured. For example, Chanel products are manufactured in France or Italy and it says so on the packaging. If you see a Chanel product that was manufactured in the Philippines or China, you should probably not buy it. Lastly, though it’s obvious to most women who buy makeup, the packaging will also have information about the weight of the product and the ingredients list. If any of that information is missing, you are likely dealing with a knockoff.

  • Limited Edition Makeup 

There are limited edition wholesale makeup sets that are being sold, usually around the holidays. However, because limited edition makeup is made in limited quantities, it is highly unlikely that it would be featured on third-party retail websites, although some can be in very limited quantities. If you see limited edition items being sold in bulk, you should be very suspicious. Most high-end retailers release their holiday makeup sets in anticipation of them being hotly sought-after items that will sell out quickly. For instance, Chanel cosmetics always brings out special items at around November that usually sell out within a week or two. This year, they have decided to release a special highlighting powder called Le Lion De Chanel. The item is a specially designed golden powder that has the shape of a lion pressed into the powder. It is a pricey item and though luxury retailers like Nordstrom or Macy’s sell it, they will not have it beyond the holiday season. If you ever see a special limited edition holiday makeup item being sold beyond the season, it’s again a good idea to be suspicious.

In conclusion, most luxury, high-end makeup brands will only sell their wholesale makeup products through licensed online and other retailers and their own websites. While there are warehouse sales for high-end, luxury wholesale makeup, they are organized by the high-end brands themselves and only provided to select people, so tickets to those sales are not that easy to get. Sometimes, it’s best to just buy in bulk and try to get a good deal instead of getting the cheapest deal possible. There are good deals online with retailers like Amazon, but finding those deals involves a bit of research.

Having said all of that, I wish you the best of luck with finding all the high-end wholesale makeup you can find.

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