Temtpu Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

Today we are going to review the Temptu 2.0 Airbrush Makeup Kit.  This is probably  not the Temtpu Kit you have heard about.  Temptu has another kit that takes pods instead of just regular Airbrush makeup.  Though those kits are nice the makeup is crazy expensive (like $40 a bottle) and you have to change pods all the time.  

These same pods are used in their Temptu Air Kit.  An Airbrush Makeup Kit without a compressor.  Although that kit is rather neat, it isn't' exactly friendly on the pocket book and I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner.  However the Temptu 2.0 kit is great kit for a newbie or someone just getting started with Airbrush Makeup. ​


Ease Of Use




  • Widely used by many professional makeup artists
  • Super easy to use and get started with Airbrush Makeup
  • Professional quality kit and accessories 


  • The temptu kit is the most expensive unit I tested
  • This airbrush makeup system is pretty similar to other kits that cost a fraction of this one
Temptu Airbrush makeup kit review

For the artist that is starting out, with a wide breadth of foundation shades for all skin tones. This lightweight compressor is perfect for any Pro Makeup Kit. The innovative AIRbrush 2.0 Compressor features a maximum pressure gauge of 30 PSI, making this versatile kit ideal for all levels of applications. The kit comes with the SP-40, single action gravity fed gun that allows for continuous air flow.

The 2.0 Premier Kit includes:

  • AIRbrush 2.0 Compressor
  • Temptu SP-40 Airbrush
  • 12 Pack S/B Foundation 1/4 oz Starter Set
  • Airbrush Cleaning Kit
  • 4 Oz S/B Cleaner

What Comes In the Airbrush Makeup Kit?

  • Airbrush Stylus – or airbrush gun is the wand or thingy that you use to spray airbrush makeup on your face. The stylus has a push button trigger that allows you to control the pressure of the gun and apply different levels of makeup to your face. 

temptu airbrush and compressor


  • Airbrush Compressor – is the one which supply pressurized air to stylus. The compressor has an on / off switch and a pressure dial with 3 settings; Low, Mid, and High.  Simply press the button and plug in the compressor and then set your pressure setting and get started.


  • Foundation – One of the better advantages of this type of makeup is that foundation doesn’t have to be the exactly the same color as your skin like traditional foundation. You can choose from several different options to find the best one that matches your skin.

temptu airbrush foundation


  • Cleaning Kit and Cleaner – The Temptu kit comes with a unique cleaning tool set and a bottle of airbrush makeup cleaner.  Make sure you clean your airbrush after every use to keep it working the same as the day you got it.  

Why should I buy a Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit?

Still stuck asking yourself the same questions, why should I buy a TEMPTU makeup airbrush kit over the others.  Especially if the Temptu kit costs almost double the normal Airbrush makeup kit?  If I were you and you were planning on offering airbrush makeup for weddings or as a service at your Salon like I do mine, then you need to invest in a professional kit like this one.  The cheap airbrush kits are nice but they aren’t durable enough for the daily abuse you would get at a Salon.  Still on the fence, check out his video.

temptu airbrush makeup kit review

Strengths of the TEMPTU 2.0 Airbrush Makeup Pro Kit 

  • TEMPTU is the go to brand for professional makeup artists
  • The Temptu 2.0 kit comes with an airbrush gun and compressor that can stand up to daily use day in and day out with out breaking
  • The compressor has a dial for you to dial in the exact amount of air you want
  • Replacement parts are available for you if something breaks
  • Simple Easy to Use Quick Start Guide to Get you Started
  • Full 1 year replacement Warranty! 

Weaknesses of the TEMPTU 2.0 Airbrush Makeup System

  • If you are new to Airbrush Makeup it can be a difficult technique to master and quite a few reviews point to poor conditions that could be remedied with proper setup
  • This kit only comes with Airbrush Foundations no bronzers, blush, or highlighters
  • The Cost when compared to others is quite high, well over two hundred dollars for this particular kit 

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