Makeup Brushes for a $1, What??

Do you remember how much you spent on your last set of makeup brushes?  No I don’t mean that set you just bought off amazon after reading my best brushes to buy on amazon post, but the brushes you bought at the beauty store.  I vaguely remember spending a ton of money on my MAC makeup brushes before I knew any better.

makeup brushes for one dollarmakeup brushes for one dollar

Well guess what I just ran across an article reviewing these new makeup brushes from Miss A.  A budget friendly beauty site that offers all things beauty.  But one of the best steals on the site is their makeup brushes.  All of their makeup brushes are only one dollar, did you hear that, $1.00 for makeup brushes.  That means you can get all ten makeup brushes for $10.00, seriously.  Where has this site been all my life?


One thing to note about the brushes though, remember your get what you pay for, most of the brushes are not as durable or hefty as the traditional makeup brushes you are currently using, but priced at a dollar you can afford to buy a couple for the price of your other cheap makeup brushes.

As Racked reported, if you’re a beauty aficionado on a budget, there are plenty of affordable e-commerce sites catering to your desire for quality products without dropping a ton of money. Most notably, Miss A — an online dollar star that originally sold accessories but decided to enter the beauty game a few years back — has recently launched a brand new line of products that you’re definitely going to be obsessed with.

“We talk to customers through social media, and they’re always looking for beauty products on a budget,” co-founder Jean Baik told Racked.

As a result, the company is adding “20 to 30 new products” every single day, so sign up for their email list and stay tuned for more great affordable cosmetic products.

You can grab all of Miss A’s cosmetics and makeup brushes right here.

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