How to clean your makeup brushes with coconut oil

Do you break out after you where your makeup or have you noticed that you are breaking out recently when you didn’t use to before?

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Make sure your makeup brushes are clean.  When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?  Have they been sitting in your purse or makeup brush for who knows how long?  I know I am guilty of this for sure.  But let share a super easy and quick way to clean your makeup brushes with coconut oil.

The cleanliness of your makeup brushes has a huge impact on the proper application and longevity of your makeup. Clean brushes apply makeup much easier and smoother than dirty brushes. Think about it this way, have you ever tried to paint with a dirty paint brush? I have, and there is no way you can get nice even paint strokes with a dirty brush. Now I understand this is a dramatic example and paint brushes and makeup brushes aren’t the same, but you get my point.

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Why should I clean my makeup brushes regularly?

The reason that it is important that you clean your makeup brushes regularly, is that cleaning your brushes prevents bacteria build up in the brush itself. What many people may not realize, is that bacteria in your brushes can cause you to break out. Nobody wants to have to deal with breakouts, especially as we mature. Even worse, bacteria from your makeup brushes can give you serious skin infections and you want to ensure that you don’t catch an infection from your makeup brushes. If you hate germs as much as I do, you can also clean the brush handles with Clorox disinfecting wipes, just be prepared for the grime that will come off your brush handles. That is a result of oil and bacteria from your hands and bacteria from your makeup.

What makes coconut oil such a great makeup brush cleanser?

Coconut oil is a quick, safe and inexpensive way to clean your brushes. It is not only a great skin moisturizer, because it can penetrate hair and skin better than oils, but as a major side benefit it smells great, too. Coconut oil is antifungal and antibacterial, which makes it an excellent choice to clean your makeup brushes as it prevents bacteria from depositing. The oil in coconut oil will protect the bristles and moisturize it and the antibacterial properties within the oil will stop the buildup of more bacteria.

The best part about cleaning your makeup brushes and beauty blenders with coconut oil is that it leaves your brushes feeling silky smooth, brand new, and they smell awesome. Nothing feels quite like the softness of a new makeup brush and cleaning them with coconut oil makes them feel brand new.

What type of coconut oil should I use?

There are several types of coconut oil on the market. They include:

  • Unrefined coconut oil
  • Refined coconut oil
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Cold pressed coconut oil
  • Centrifuge extracted coconut oil, and
  • Expeller processed coconut oil

Unrefined coconut oil, or virgin coconut oil, is as the name aptly describes not processed or processed as minimally as possible. As a result of lack of processing, it has no additives. Refined coconut oil is processed and does contain preservatives and additives and it’s often bleached to give coconut oil its light coloring. Obviously, you are going to want to use the coconut oil that is the least refined.

Coconut oil that has been certified as organic is also one of the best types of coconut oil to use. The reason that you want to choose organic coconut oil is that it was produced without the use of pesticides and other harmful ingredients.

Cold pressed coconut oil is produced through a method of extracting oil from the coconut without using heat, and it often produces some of the highest quality of coconut oil found on the market. Centrifuge extracted coconut oil is coconut oil that has been extracted through another special process. In this one, centrifugal force is used to separate the oil from the milk and thanks to this specific process, most of the antibacterial properties are preserved, as well as the fatty acids that make coconut oil so effective.

Coconut oil that has been expelled pressed, is one of the least favorable processes by which coconut oil is extracted. That is due to the fact that the process uses heat, which this causes most of the beneficial elements of coconut oil, such as the nutrients and fatty acids, to be removed. It’s best to avoid coconut oil that was produced through this process.

cleaning makeup brushes with coconut oil

All you need are these 3 things:

  • Coconut oil
  • Dishwashing liquid (Dawn works great)
  • Water

Just follow these simple steps and your makeup brushes will look like new in no time:

  • First put 3 tsp of coconut oil and 250 ml water in a bowl, with a large dollop of dishwashing liquid
  • Place the bowl in a microwave for a minute to melt the coconut oil
  • Once you have a liquid substance, you’re ready to go
  • Put the brush in the mixture of oil, water, and dishwashing liquid until it starts to foam up
  • Use your fingers to work the mixture into brush and continue rubbing the brush
  • Use your fingers to feel the brush and once you feel like you have removed all the oil and dirt from the bristles, rinse the brush with warm water to remove the soapy mixture
  • Wring out all of the water
  • Use a paper-towel or cloth to dry the brush and make sure you take time to reshape the brush as you don’t want it to get all misshapen from cleaning it
  • It is also important to ensure that your brushes are lying flat when they are drying. I always leave mine to dry overnight to ensure they are completely dry by morning

Coconut oil to clean makeup brushes

That’s it! Now how easy was that? You get super soft, shiny, fresh smelling makeup brushes in no time at all. So, the next time you think you need to buy that expensive brush cleaner, just remember to grab the dish-washing liquid and coconut oil.

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