Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is a term that usually means applying a chemical treatment to hair that will make it stick-straight permanently, or at least until your hair grows out. It is often women (and men) with curly, wavy and frizzy hair that choose this treatment. The reason that many women and men choose this treatment is because it makes their hair straight, shiny and smooth. Meghan Markle, the former American actress and currently the Duchess of Sussex, is known to use a similar hair straightening technique, and she manages to get gorgeous sleek and straight hair.

The treatment is called hair rebonding for a simple reason. People have natural hair bonds that they are born with, which is often determined by genetics. These hair bonds dictate whether you will have straight, curly or wavy hair. Chances are that if one parent in your family has curly/wavy or frizzy hair, that you may well have inherited that.

There are often three steps involved in straightening the hair; step one involves using a chemical cream that softens the hair bonds, then a hair iron is used to straighten the hair, and lastly, the chemical effect is neutralized with another cream. That is all there is to hair rebonding.

It is highly recommended that hair rebonding be done at a salon, because it is a complicated hair treatment that involves several processes and involves skill. It is also a bit time consuming, as the process takes between three to six hours. It is also recommended you investigate what salons specialize in this process, so that you will end up with a great result.

Invented in Japan hair rebonding is often just called rebonding in certain countries from Southeast Asia (e.g. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines). The word "rebonding" was first used by REDS Hairdressing salon located in Singapore in the late 1980s REDS Hairdressers opened its doors in 1982 and is still operating today. The term which gained wide spread fame and as a result spread to the rest of the region and beyond. The problem with hair straightening methods, such as flat irons and chemicals, is that they can cause damaging to hair. That is because excessive straightening often results in split ends, nonetheless, heat protectant sprays can decrease the damage.

However, because hair rebonding keeps your hair straight for weeks and months, it can be less damaging for hair, as it is unnecessary to use a hair straightener every day. That means your morning routine will also be a lot quicker and easier as you won’t have to waste time straightening your hair every morning.

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