Guaranteed Tricks to Make sure you Never have a Bad Hair Day Again!


Never Have a Bad Hair Day

1. The Amazing wet brush with soft, flexible bristles that amazingly detangle your hair.

wet-brush for detangling hair

Promising review: “It works miraculously at getting knots out of your hair (I have long hair and always gets knots at the ends). The bristles are soft too and massage the scalp nicely. I wish I discovered these brushes years ago.”Christine

2. A fan-favorite anti-residue shampoo that gets rid of any gunk buildup in your hair, all while boosting volume and making your locks shine.

anti-residue shampoo

Promising review: “I buy this every year — it really works! I have very thick, very long hair (24 inches!) and out of necessity use a number of hair products on a daily basis. This results in some grossness that builds up in my hair, but this shampoo takes care of that! You can actually feel the ‘squeaky clean’ in your hair right after you use this. A little bit goes a long way, so this also lasts a very long time.”Garie

3. A hair sleeping mask to prevent frizz and breakage while you sleep, added bonus is it also protects your hair too.

hair sleeping mask

Promising review: “You guys, this is so good. I have really dry, damaged hair because of too much lightening/heating. I used this and woke up in the morning with my hair so soft, the ends feel like I’ve just had a haircut. I recommend this so hard. The rose mask also smells divine.”LBJan

4. A leave-in treatment that will leave your locks incredibly soft, who doesn’t love silky soft hair?

leave-in hair treatment

Promising review: “I fell in love with this product after my hairstylist used it after highlighting my hair. Even after highlights, when my hair is extra dry, this product will make it soft, smooth, and easy to comb. I won’t go anywhere without it and even have the travel size.”Chantel G.

5. A texturizing spray to bring out the natural body of your hair and give you endlessly soft beach waves.

texturizing spray

Promising review: “Great conditioning spray that doesn’t weigh down my somewhat thick but very fine hair. I have lots of body to my hair but this seems to make it look more wavy. I’m can get a nice style without using a flat iron or curling wand. Yay, something that lets my natural hair be natural not natty!”Kathryn Chavez

6. A dependable flat-iron that works so freaking awesome you’ll forget how much it actually cost.

hair straightener

Promising review:This is my all-time favorite cheap straightener. I love the BaByliss Pro Straighteners, but this one has replaced my old faithful. I have mid-back relaxed hair and this straightener works wonders with ease and only one pass. I usually use it on the 400-degree setting, but it can also reach a salon setting of 450-degrees.”Melinda

7. A luxuriously soft silky pillowcase to prevent your hair from becoming totally tangled overnight, and avoiding bedhead all together

silk pillow

Promising review: “This pillowcase is so soft and dreamy! I have real hair extensions that I spend a lot of money on, so it’s important for me to do whatever it takes to take care of my hair. This pillowcase does that by preventing tangling, and I didn’t have to spend $100 on it!”Mary H.

8. A do-it-all hair oil that basically does everything even with (especially dry hair) you can think of.

hair oil

Promising review: “My hair is oily at the roots but really dry and frizzy everywhere else, and this oil does such a great job of absolutely eliminating the frizz without making it oily. It has surprisingly really improved the health of my hair. I wasn’t able to air dry my hair before because it would get so frizzy, but now I just put on some of this oil while it’s damp, scrunch a little, and it air dries so beautifully. I’ve never used anything so versatile! Also great for when you just want to blow your hair out. If you can only buy one thing for your hair, PLEASE do yourself a favor and let it be this!”Alexis17

9. Semi-permanent hair dye for an easy and classy pop of color that’s totally easy to pull off.

hair color

Promising review: “I love to change my hair color, and with Colorista, I am able to do so without damaging my hair. It last at least six shampoos on me and the color fades nicely as it washes out!”Lehmann

10. A cheap curling wand that heats up quickly and is super easy to use (no clamp!)

curling wand

Promising review: “Curls my hair like nothing else has. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. I opted out of getting my hair done for my friend’s wedding and instead used this — my friends were blown away that I did it myself.”cjr14

11. Your new Best friend Flexible curling rods, they are available in six sizes for beautiful, customized curls

curling rods

Promising review: “The rollers are the perfect size and gave me the same results as my expensive digital perms. I’ve been getting digital perms for the last year to the tune of $200 every three to four months, so these rollers (at $12 a pack) are a steal. I only needed seven for my whole head even though I have a lot of hair.”HoyaBlue

12. A argan oil heat-protecting serum to keep heat and humidity from destroying your beautiful hair.

argon oil heat protecting serum

Promising review: “I have a LOT of unruly curly hair, but it is still very lightweight and fine. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a serum that can manage the poof and protect my ends from heat damage, but this product works wonders! My hair usually gains volume throughout the day after I straighten, but with this oil it stays straight, flat, and smooth.”Elisha


13. An almost free conditioning hair mask that turns your frizz into sleek sexy shine in no time.

fast acting hair mask

Promising review: “Oh, the luxury of purchasing a product that works better than salon purchases at four or five times the price. This was an incredible find — it leaves my hair soft and shiny, a result that I used to get from Brazilians done at my salon, but this costs much less.”CM



14. A hair dryer with three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot button — all powered by tourmaline technology and a class leading motor to dry your hair in record time.

Promising review: “When I used my old one, my hair would end up being extremely frizzy and I would have to spend a lot of time straightening it to make the frizz go away. With this blow dryer, my hair doesn’t really look frizzy at all when I’m done. Also, I love the cool button feature on this. Usually by the time I’m done blow drying my hair, I’m really hot, which causes the back of my neck to sweat and makes it really hard to style my hair. The cool button feature helps so much with feeling overheated. Worth every penny!”Jennifer Ewing


15. Color-depositing treatment to use weekly that fortifies and hydrates your hair while keeping your lit color.

weekly color treatment

Promising Review: “I’ve used the purple to maintain my color after an in-salon visit because I’m cheap AF. Also, if it’s easy enough for me to use, it’s easy enough for anyone to use.”Bohobunnie




There you have it 15 super easy, simple and cheap ways to ensure you never have a bad hair day every again.  Now make sure you bookmark this page and come back to it for future reference.  Also take a look at our guides on Drugstore Makeup, airbrush makeup, and flat irons; I created them to help you take the time out of researching and finding the best products for your buck.  Comment below on your favorite products.

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