CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron – CHI Air Expert Flat Iron Review

The Best Flat Iron for any Hair Type has to be the CHI Air Expert

The beauty retail market is flooded with many different products designed to straighten your hair. From the very beginning, the Chi brand has stood out as one of the best in the hair care products, especially with their Flat irons and Hair straighteners. Their ceramic plates and plastic housing set the standard of excellence then and continues to do so today.

Chi was one of the first brands to produce a ceramic straightener, and despite the huge amount of competition in the market today as compared with the earlier market 20 years ago, Chi is still seen as the leader of the pack.

Chi Air Expert Flat Iron

Ease Of Use




  • CHI Flat Irons last for years, several reviewers have reported using theirs for over 10+ years
  • My CHI lasted over 5 years in the salon with heavy daily use 
  • Tourmaline and Ceramic Plates leave your hair frizz free and smooth


  • Some sellers have created replicas and our selling them as real "Chi" Irons.  Make sure you buy one from Amazon sold by Amazon or another trusted seller 
  • Some users have commented that the Ionic plates have left them with extra static electricity or Frizz 

CHI comes in a Variety of Styles and Sizes

Today there is a huge selection of styles and sizes to choose from. Smaller irons are great for packing up when you travel, and can be used as not just a straightener, but a curling iron as well.

The colors don’t add anything to the function of the appliance, but they can help you express your personality in a fun way. Colors, patterns, and characters have all been used to add some flair to the shell of the Chi Flat Irons. There is even an option to customize it with your own image or name.

Chi Air Expert Flat Iron Review


Well Designed Controls

One of the best things about the Chi Irons is that they are well designed with you in mind. They took notes from their first clients, and arranged their controls in the best way possible which includes the following attributes:

  • The on/off switch clicks into place and holds steady even if bumped while styling your hair.
  • The temperature control turns on a wheel. This makes it easier to move the temperature up and down depending on your needs. It can be done one-handed while styling your hair.
  • A light is activated when the straightener is on. This is to help you remember to turn it off when you are done using it.
  • The use of ceramic plates mean the straightener heats up very quickly so you don’t have to wait long after turning it on to put it to use.
  • The cord is designed to turn with you as you style your hair. This helps avoid issues with the cord getting tangled and damaged with all the movement you need.


CHI Ceramic Plates

The ceramic plates have been mentioned already, but they really deserve a whole section of their own. The use of ceramic was a brilliant move for many reasons, some of which are as follows:

  • The ceramic distributes the heat evenly. A common complaint with other brands is that the metal plates end up developing ‘hot spots’ that tend to burn or damage the hair. Ceramic plates will not put you in that situation.
  • Ceramic plates heat up very quickly, but not beyond the point that would harm your hair.
  • Ceramic cools down fast when the power is off. That means you can do your hair, flip the switch, and pack it up to go all within a few minutes.
  • The Chi ceramic straightener is much lighter than the straighteners that use metals and other materials. This makes it easier to use and maneuver.

Strengths of the CHI Original Flat Iron

  • The shape and size of the Babyliss flat iron allows you to do more with the flat iron, you can create super tight curls, flow beach waves, or sleek sexy straight hair all with this one flat iron
  • Longer Titanium plates, the plates are almost 5 inches long on this flat iron
  • Super quick warm up time with Titanium plates
  • Small enough to fit in your carry on for your next vacation, (travel size)
Chi Air Flat iron

Weaknesses of the CHi Hair Straightner 

  • If you have super curly or very thick hair this straightener might produce enough heat to straighten your hair.
  • Ionic Plates can leave you with a Frizzy look or add extra Static Electricity to your hair
  • Several companies and people have started producing fake Chi flat irons.  So you need to take the time to make sure you get an Orginal Chi flat iron and not a fake

The Addition of Tourmaline to the CHI Flat Iron

CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener
While most of the features on the Chi have remained the same for the last 20 years, there is one big change that has helped to keep it the brand to beat. By adding a layer of tourmaline to the top of the ceramic plates, Chi has managed to make the plate stronger, smoother, and better equipped to offer even heat distribution.

A Very Versatile Hair Straightener

When you invest in a beauty product, you want to get the most beauty bang for your buck. That is definitely what you get with the Chi Air Expert Flat Iron. There are a lot of reasons that this device is so handy for so many things, but the main feature that offers the versatility is the size. The small width of the plates make it possible to do a lot of different things, including the list below:

  • Straighten Hair: Yes, this is obvious, but it certainly belongs on the list.
  • Curls Hair: By inverting the straightener, putting your divided hair in, and then flipping the device over before running it over the hair, you can get some beautiful curls that will hold all day.
  • Wavy Hair: The same technique used to curl with a Chi iron can be used to create those trendy beach waves as well. All you have to do is use the motion on only part of the strand. Pull it towards the middle before you begin pressing for heat, and you will get a great wavy look.
  • Crimped Hair: You won’t get a tight 80’s crimp with a straightener, but you can get the look of a three barrel curler.

One purchase can save you a lot of time and money, as well as space since there are now a handful of devices you will no longer need.
Chi hair straightener

How Much does the Chi Flat Iron Cost? 

For something that works so well, it is no surprise that you won’t find it on sale very often. In fact, the average price of a Chi Flat Iron has stayed about the same over the last 20 years. Most range from $80-$100. Some of the models specifically designed for professional use can be even more than that.

If you had a bit of a sticker shock when you saw the price, then take a minute to consider that the price hasn’t changed. This means that it has remained at the top of the field with people purchasing it at that price for two decades. That says something about their reliability.

In the end, there are definitely other choices out there. Some will be less, some will be more, but none will have the Chi name and reputation. If you are looking for a good straightener, then the Chi Air Expert Flat Iron is definitely something for you to consider.

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