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top 25 drugstore mascaras under 25

Top 25 Drugstore Mascaras under $15

Did you know that February 19th is National Lash Day! Seems like they have a day for everything now days, but I must agree National Lash Day has to be one of the best.  If you know me, you know that you know that there are two things I never leave the house with; my […]

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best makeup brushes to buy on amazon

Best Makeup Brushes to Buy on Amazon

Last year kicked off my search for cheaper makeup brushes.  Thats what eventually led me to coming up with this list of the best makeup brushes to buy on amazon.  I mean with

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top 10 foundations to buy

Top 10 Foundations

Be honest, how many foundations have you gone through in your life in your quest to find that perfect formula that matches your skin tone and gives you a healthy glow or a polished, sophisticated look? As a cosmetologist that focuses on strictly hair and makeup, I am pretty sure I have tried every foundation […]

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fabulous full coverage drugstore foundations

Drugstore Full Coverage Foundations

Who doesn’t love finding bargains?  What if I told you you could find some great deals on full coverage foundations at your local drugstore.  Would you believe me?  While I am not privy to any particular makeup except my airbrush makeup. There are times I do prefer to go back to traditional makeup and when […]

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