Beginner’s Guide on How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron

What do you use to Curl your hair?  A flat iron or hair straightener?  No of course not, you use a curling wand or curling iron right?  Wrong, I have been acustom to using my flat iron so much in the beauty shop that I actually now only use my curling iron for updos and wedding or prom hairstyles.  Believe it or not you get some amazing looking Curls from your flat iron.  Don’t believe me well then check out the super duper easy Hairstyle Hacks below on how to curl your hair with a flat iron.

 If you don’t have a flat iron yet, head over to my buyer’s guide on hair straighteners and have a look.  If you are short on time then I recommend you either pick up the HSI flat iron or the Babyliss Hair Straightener they are two of the best ones available and I own both!

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1. Curl your hair several different ways with just a single flat iron


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2. Are you scared to try and curl your hair with a flat iron; don’t worry it is easier than you think 



3.Trust me you can curl your hair with a flat iron if you do this too 🙂


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4. Want a more Detailed Guide to Curling with a hair straightener

detailed guide on how to curl your hair with a flat iron


5. Keeping the end of your hair in front of the flat iron is super duper important 

how to curl your hair with flat iron guide

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6. Do you like more of a messy look?  Then you need to try this one out

how to curl your hair with hair straightener guide

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7. Use aluminum foil to hold your beautiful curls even longer, don’t worry they can’t hurt your flat iron 



8. One of the Best looks to create with your Flat Iron is those beautiful Beach Waves 

how to beach waves with hair straightener


9. Would you rather have more volume in your hair?  Hairstyle Hack:  Braid your hair and then run a flat iron over them and over them again.  The more braids you have the more volume your hair will get.  


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10. Don’t want to braid your hair first, no worries just twist your hair for the same volumizing effect using your flat iron 



11. Need a closer look at how to curl with a flat iron:



12. Love the look of a blow out instead? Here’s how you can get it with just a hair straightener!



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