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The Best Flat Iron for tight Curls, the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium 1

Flat Irons have come along way since they were first introduced. As most people think hair straighteners and for making your hair straight, right. Well kinda. As a Hair Stylist you can never have to many tools, but more times than not when I need to curl a clients hair I reach for my flat iron, not my curling wand. WHAT?? I know right. I can do all sorts of things with my straightening iron that a flat iron doesn’t look like it should be able to do.

But there is one little catch, not all flat irons are created equal. If you want a flat iron that can do it all you need to make sure you get an iron that is shaped properly for curls, bigger plates, bigger curls, smaller plates smaller tighter curls.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Ease Of Use




  • Longer Plates than any other Flat Iron Available
  • Titanium Plates Heat up faster than Ceramic Plates
  • The Size of the BaByliss allows you to create more styles with just one hair tool, I love it!!


  • Titanium plates and how fast they heat up don't play well with sensitive hair
  • Some users have commented that the Ionic plates have left them with extra static electricity or Frizz 

How to get Tighter Curls with your flat iron

The BaByliss hair straightener looks very tiny for some reason. The plates are suppose to be 1 inch plates but they don’t look like they are that big. Maybe it is that there is very little area outside of the plates. Most flat irons have and edge around the outside of the plates, this iron does not it is very “Super Modelish” or super thin.   The compact size of the BaByliss makes it a great option for a travel flat iron and my go tool for curling with flat iron.  

babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron review


The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron is greater than Ceramic

Before we start the all out war of Titanium plates are better than Ceramic plates yet again. Let me say this, I have lined out the major differences and advantages of each plate type in my flat iron buying guide. So I won’t rehash that battle for you again. The BaByliss Pro Flat Iron has Titanium plates not ceramic or tourmaline.

Metal Flat Irons are the cheapest options around and they are the most dangerous flat irons you can buy. The metal plates do not heat up consistently and can damage and burn your hair very easily. Titanium flat irons like the Babyliss Pro Flat Iron do not do that because the heat is distributed equally among the surface of the plates.


Need more Coverage Look for Longer Plates

One of the reasons we named this flat iron our Overall Best Straightener was the fact that it has longer plates than almost all of the other flat irons available. The plates on the BaByliss Pro are 5 inches long!!! That is almost an inch longer than its competition, what does that mean. You can straightener or curl more hair at once.  Which means less time getting ready for your date, or for work in the morning, hoorah!!

The hair straightener comes in different sizes, from 1-inch to 1.5 inch.  Nine times out of ten a 1-inch flat iron is going to be better than a 1.5-inch flat iron, unless you have really think long hair, then I would opt for a 1.5-inch iron.   You are just able to create more styles with the 1-inch flat iron. 

Strengths of the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

  • The shape and size of the Babyliss flat iron allows you to do more with the flat iron, you can create super tight curls, flow beach waves, or sleek sexy straight hair all with this one flat iron
  • Longer Titanium plates, the plates are almost 5 inches long on this flat iron
  • Super quick warm up time with Titanium plates
  • Small enough to fit in your carry on for your next vacation, (travel size)

Weaknesses of the BaByliss Hair Straightner 

  • No Auto Shutoff Timer 
  • Ionic Plates can leave you with a Frizzy look or add extra Static Electricity to your hair
  • Titanium plates heat up super fast, which if you have sensitive hair could be bad.  As you typically would want a Ceramic flat iron because they do not heat up as quick.

How Fast does it Heat Up

NanoTitanium1heatwheelThe Babyliss Nano Titanium heats up to 450 degrees (in no time!), which is enough heat for just about any hair type.  Most flat irons don’t go above 450 degrees because when you get hotter than that you can damage your hair. If you have sensitive hair you may want to opt for a ceramic flat iron as they do not heat up as fast as the titanium irons.

Wait it is Ionic too

Oh no here we go again with the scientific stuff. Not to worry almost all of the flat iron manufacturers have introduced infrared heat and negative ion technology into their products because it holds in more moisture, the titanium plates further help that by locking it quickly into the hair.

Some people have complained that the Ionic Ions leave their hair staticky (is that even a word, lol) which correlates to frizzy in hair dresser terms. If you are going for that straight sleek look then you might want to go with a more traditional Ceramic or Tourmaline Flat Iron instead of an Ionic one.

WHAT no Auto-Shutoff?

One of the biggest downsides of the BaByliss Pro Nano flat iron is that it doesn’t have an auto-shutoff. This is a must for me especially at home, I can’t tell you how many times I have had to call my husband and ask him to check and see if I turned my flat iron off. For this reason alone I switched to a CHI flat Iron at home and took the BaByliss Pro to the Salon. When I am at the Salon I unplug everything before I head home for the night, so I know for sure it is shut off.

Babyliss hair straightener

Nano Titanium, Is it worth it?

After using Ceramic for so long it was a hard decision to switch to Titanium. But one of the reasons why I did was for the heat up speed. I don’t like to leave my flat iron and curling wands on all the time at the salon. And we all know time is money so having a flat iron that could heat up quickly was a must. Another key factor for me was the shape and size of the flat iron, with longer plates and smaller size I could just do more things and styles with this flat iron than the previous flat irons I had used.

If you think the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium has the perks you want at a price you can handle, then you can head on over and buy the 1-inch, or the 1.5-inch on Amazon.

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