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The Ultimate Makeup Application Guide

Makeup application is often a subjective process. We all have our methods and techniques that we either learned from others, saw on a Pinterest board or came up with on our own. And while we are all experts on what works for our own faces, there are some general rules of thumb that should be […]

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how to apply makeup in order

How to apply makeup in order

If you were like me you used to use traditional makeup and spent most of your morning getting ready.  It seemed like most of my time was either spent on my makeup, hair, or what to wear.  Thats why I have dedicated each of those topics its own place on my blog.  But today lets […]

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makeup brushes for one dollarmakeup brushes for one dollar

Makeup Brushes for a $1, What??

Do you remember how much you spent on your last set of makeup brushes?  No I don’t mean that set you just bought off amazon after reading my best brushes to buy on amazon post, but the brushes you bought at the beauty store.  I vaguely remember spending a ton of money on my MAC […]

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how to clean your makeup brushes with coconut oil

How to clean your makeup brushes with coconut oil

Do you break out after you where your makeup or have you noticed that you are breaking out recently when you didn’t use to before? ***Beauty Hack!!*** Make sure your makeup brushes are clean.  When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?  Have they been sitting in your purse or makeup brush for […]

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15 lazy hairstyle hacks to keep you looking beautiful

15 Lazy Hairstyle Hacks to Keep you looking Beautiful

We all have those days, you know where you hit the snooze buttons a few times before getting up.  Only to realize that you are now 20minutes behind on getting ready.  So this post is for you ladies, for those moments when you need a quick and easy Lazy hairstyle hack to keep you looking […]

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